Research themes

  • Study on Bioremidiation technology development
  • Food Microbiology
  • Bio-fertilizer
Goal target Research
Study on microorganism variety in solving environment problems
  1. Variety and potential of Aschersonia sp. Entomopatogen of Louse(Lepidoshapes beckii) on citrus plant.
  2. Systematic of phylogenetic Pseudomonaspendegradasi LAS at ecosystem polluted-detergent river.
  3. Potential of consortium biofilm bacterial to degrade Linier Alkylbenzene Sulfonat.
  4. Systematic of phylogenetic of isolates kapang Indigenous Indonesia as  Entomopatogen of louse (Lepidoshapes beckii) on citrus plant pest.
  5. Isolation, characterization, and construction of Kapang Entomopatogen fenetic system on louse Lepidoshapes beckiiNewman on citrus plant.
  6. Pathogenicity test of Konidia Kapang Entomopatogen Indigenous on Louse (Lepidoshapes beckii Newman) on citrus plant pest.
  7. Isolation, characterization, and growth of bacteria from bird’s nest (Collocalia fuchiphaga) in glucose and sucrose medium
Development of technology and application of bio-fertilizer using local isolate
  1. Study On Nitrogen Fixing Cellulolytic Bacteria.
  2. Composting  straws and cow manure using cellulotic bacteria isolates


Lecturers and researchers in group BK-1

Dr. Suharjono, MS.
Tri Ardyati, MAgr., Ph.D.
Irfan Mustafa, M.Si.
Yoga Dwijatmiko, M.Sc.

Supporting laboratory

Microbiology lab
Central biology lab

Research agenda

  • Development of potential bioremediation agent to degrade pollutants and xenobiotics.
  • Development of important enzymes, gen cloning producer and application in the field of food and industry.
  • Development of potential microbe as bio-fertilizer agent and the application.
  • Study of probiotics and its application to test animal.