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In 2002-2005, Biology Undergraduate Program achieved TPSDP Grant Batch I (Directorate General DIKTI-ADB). The grant successfully improved the department quality and capacity so that Relevance improvements, Academic Atmosphere, Internal Management, Sustainability, Efficiency and Productivity (RAISE) could be achieved.


Biology Department achieved I-MHERE grant in 2007-2012 for widening competency and starting courses inter faculty for undergraduate program (Undergraduate courses from Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Faculty of Law) in Brawijaya University.


Quality assurance in Biology Dept and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has been conducted well. It was proved by AIM result with quality target achieved was >80% (category A), so Biology was awarded UB Annual Quality Award as the best 10 of 45 faculties/departments in Brawijaya University. The evaluation result of UBAQA showed that Faculty of Math and Natural Sciences was the third best faculty and Biology Dept was the fifth best department in 2011. (Certificate)

Department of Biology got UB Annual Quality Award for the best performance in 1st in 2011. (Certificate)

Undergraduate Program Department of Biology got UB Annual Quality Award for the best performance in 2nd category of Program of Study in 2014. (Certificate)

4. PHK

In 2003-2005, Biology Department achieved competition grant named Program Hibah Kompetisi (PHK) with proposal program “Reinforcement of Biology Work Quality to Qualify the International Quality-Based Education”

5. Biology Department

In 2012, Biology Department achieved the FIRST RANK UBAQA for department category because it achieved AIM cycle 10 and 11, National Accreditation, HAKI/Patent achievements (2010-2012), international lecturer publications (2010/2012), national competitive research (2010-2012), lecturer ratio who passed EKD-joined EKD, professor ratio-number of lecturer, ratio doctor-number of lecturer, average of study period (2011-2012), average of graduate GPA (2011-2012), website performance standard and activeness, the rapidity of taking care the audit finding result SPI, the accuracy between budget plan and realization, category of audit finding SPI, the obedience to regulations and internal control effectiveness. (Certificate)


In 2015-2019 Biology Study Programe has been audited and found to be accordance with the requirement of the standard details of the Asean University  Network Quality Assurance Standard (AUN QA). (sertifikat)


Jurusan Biologi FMIPA UB berpartisipasi menjadi anggota Konsorsium Biologi Indonesia (KOBI) Periode 1 Januari – 31 Desember 2016. (Sertifikat)