Prof. Fatchiyah, PhD. Invited as Keynote Speaker at ICLST Turkey

1. Penghargaan keyonote speaker unt prof Fatchiyah dari Prof Seizi Artarturk univ Erzurum Turkey 2. Visiting profesorke Ataturk UnivProf. Fatchiyah, Ph.D was invited as keynote speaker at International Conference of Life Science and Technology (ICLS) held by CBEES cooperated with Ataturk University, Turkey in April 25-26, 2014. She was invited as Head of Study Center SMONAGENES Brawijaya University (Small Molecule of Natural Genetics Resources) to present a speech of “Nutrigenomics for present and future healthy life”.

Most participants attended the conference were doctoral students and their supervisors from Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Libya, Maroko, Kuwait, Egypt, and Turkey as well as Slovakia, Mexico, Malaysia and Indonesia. Indonesia Representatives were only from UB, besides Fatchiyah, Prof.Dr.Ir Chanif Mahdi, M.Kes. also attended and presented a speech abput bioactive research of yogurt peptide with title  “The Effect of Yoghurt Supplementation On Oxidative Damages and Protease Enzimatic Activities of The Gastrointestinal Track in Rats (Rattus norvegicus) Exposed to Formaldehyde”. Dr.Ir. Gatot Ciptadi, DESS. from Faculty of Animal Husbandry UB also presented his research of nuclei transfer engineering on embryo cell with title “The Character of Ca+2 Intensity M-Ii Oocyte activated by Chemical and Crude Sperm Extract Stimulation”.
Both researchers are members of Study Center of SMONAGENES UB. It is kind of nation and UB pride that gatot Ciptadi was awarded as The Best Presentation and Chanif Mahdi as an active question asker.

On the last day, SMONAGENES UB team were invited by Prof. Sezai Ercisli from Ataturk University as visiting professor to Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology,  Dept. Biology, Science Faculty, Ataturk University, Turkey. At that moment, Ataturk University offered student, lecturer or alumni exchange from UB to study in that university. Furthermore, both parties talked about possibility of research collaboration and Ataturk University were interested to send their students to participate in international conferences held by UB.