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Community Service Team of Biology Department Got Bronze Medal

10 - 01 - 2015 admin Headline

Once more student and lecture of biology department are incised of achievement which joined in PIMNAS TEAM UB. PKM in under the guidance of prof. sutiman with research titles “Optimization of production quality nanosilika on bagasse substrate via biosynthesis by L. bulgaricus” together with his team :

  1.    Nanda Yuli (2011)
  2.    Azza Hanif (2011)
  3.    Niarisandi Yasvinawati (2011)
  4.    Wulida Khoirunnisa (2012)

are got bronze medal for achievement and silver medal for poster in event PEKAN ILMIAH MAHASISWA (PIMNAS) at undip 25 – 29 agustus 2014.

The leadership and ranks of all biology majors said Congratulation and Success