The 7th International Conference on Global Resource Conservation (ICGRC) 2016

IMG_4396The International Conference on Global Resource Conservation (ICGRC) is annual biological conference that managed by Biology Department, Brawijaya University. ICGRC 2016 was held on November 2 – 4, 2016 at Atria Hotel, Malang, Indonesia. This year, we proudly present ICGRC under the main theme “From Traditional Herbal Medicine into Synthetic Biology for Better Human Lives”.

ICGRC an annual program of the Department of Biology, which has lasted since 2010 as a medium of exchange or scientific communication between researchers in Indonesia and abroad by raising various issues in the field of biology. Given the need to increase the role of Biology Study Program in Indonesia requiring increased empowerment and equalization of the quality of human resources and institutions in the area, then this event is also accompanied by a Declaration of SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY (Synbio) INDONESIA involving all members of the community of Synthetic Biology (Synbio) Indonesia.

This conference, seminar, symposium and workshop are the brainchild of the Biology Department – University of Brawijaya to bring together the best of brains for some roundtable discussions on the direction and flow of biology for the nation and the world in the next decade.

The Speakers:

  1. Prof. Wolfgang Nellen (Indonesia – German Network)
  2. Dr. Nazefah Abdul Hamid (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Malaysia)
  3. Prof. Sony Suharsono (Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia)
  4. Dr. Ir. M. Sasmito Djati (Brawijaya University, Indonesia)
  5. Dr. Sony Suhandono (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia)