Studying the Role of Arthropoda Community in Agroecosystem Management, Biology Department Lecturer Inaugurated as 20th Professor of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Department of Biology, Universitas Brawijaya(UB), had just received happiness, as well as a proud achievement after its teaching staff, Amin Setyo Leksono, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D., was inaugurated as a professor in the field of Entomology and Ecology at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Widyaloka Building UB, Malang (Wednesday, 13/11/2019). He got lucky as the 20th professor in the faculty and the 251st in UB. With this inauguration, the Department of Biology now had seven professors, making the Department of Biology UB had the highest number of professors among biology departments in Indonesia. The increase in professors’ number showed the strengthening of this department’s existence in science development and community service.

In his scientific speech, the well-known calm and simple figure conveyed “The Role of the Arthropoda Community in Agroecosystem Management with Local Empowerment”. Arthropods were animals with the highest number and diversity, so they had an essential role in the agroecosystems. Prof. Amin Setyo Leksono increased the role of the arthropod community as natural enemies of pests, bioindicators of environmental quality, and pollinators through a combination of two ways by utilizing local potential. First, he took habitat engineering by planting various refugia plants such as kenikir, onion, marigolds, and cultivated plants planted on the edge of the garden or rice field bunds. Second, the previous method was combined with innovation through the use of liquid fertilizer as a biopesticide from local ingredients such as maja fruit, gadung, coconut water, sugar, shrimp paste, and empon-empon mixed with water. The combination of these two methods seemed to have succeeded in increasing the abundance and diversity of arthropods as natural enemies of pests and improving soil quality as a cultivation medium.

I am grateful for this position. Hopefully, I can increase my usefulness even more. I also hope that research on the role of arthropods in agroecosystems will be more intense, especially at the population level. Biopesticide liquid fertilizer development is continuing by utilizing local potential for various types of cultivated plants with various land conditions,” he said.

Good luck, Prof. Amin Setyo Leksono, S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D., and hopefully, it will be more beneficial for the community and the nation. (Eshaf)