About Doctoral Program

Biology Doctoral Program is one of the leading doctoral programs at UB. It was officially established by the Minister of National Education Decree No. 162/D/O/2010 on the Implementation of Biology doctoral program at UB and it was opened in the academic year 2010/2011. It has two areas of major; Biological conservation and Bioengineering with a variety of excellent national and international research.


Referring to the biology problems in environment and vision of Bio dept, so Biology doctoral program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has vision as follow:

“Being a leading doctoral education and science development center oriented to biological conservation through exploration, modeling, planning and Biological Engineering in 2039”

According to the vision, Biology doctoral program has some missions to serve the East Java citizens, Indonesians and people through the best programs:

  • To establish a doctoral program oriented biodiversity conservation.
  • To establish the qualified doctoral education program in transparent, accountable, efficient and effective in developing the science and biological technology.
  • To develop research innovation producing useful new ideas which are scientifically published/patented to solve the problems in biology field according to the vision.

Based on the vision and mission, Biology doctoral program has goals:

  • To produce doctors having biological point of view in every aspect of their thinking, capable of designing and implementing the concept of conservation-oriented biology to answer community issues.
  • To produce doctors who can develop a large role in their field of expertise, are able to explore and discover new knowledge and actively participate in developing ideas and concepts of biology to solve problems in society.
  • To produce innovative doctors capable of organizing research in the areas of their expertise to empower human resources and facilities related to their research activities.
  • To produce doctors having good academic profile,  upholding ethics and capable of cooperating with the neighborhood.