1. User must have permission from Head of Lab. Animal Physiology of Biology Dept to work for the agreed time by considering the user appeal and research scope.
  2. User should understand the bio-safety and submit the proposal work plan including main equipments that will be used.
  3. User must meet the Head of Laboratory controlling the laboratory in where the user will conduct the research and fill the log book of researcher and equipment list.
  4. User should understand the way of instruments’ work that will be used by getting supervisory from Head of Laboratory or work guide. If needed, short training could be done by Lab. Animal Physiology.
  5. Don’t move the equipments and position that have been arranged.
  6. User must write the attendance in laboratory on attendance list.
  7. User should write the used equipments on every book/log book that has been prepared.
  8. If the equipment is broken, whether caused by work procedure or other reasons, the user is supposed to directly report to Head of Laboratory. The cost for replacement or reparation must be paid by the user.
  9. After using the equipment, user must check the completeness of equipment and accessory of certain equipments, clean and submit them to laboratory staff.
  10. User can work under staff control in work hour, 7.30 am-4.00 pm, if the equipments are used for other reasons, students must have permission from Head of Laboratory and obey the rules.
  11. Do not bring any foods, drinks, and do not smoke in laboratory room. Bags must be put in the shelf/locker.
  12. During work in the laboratory, user must wear laboratory coat and pay attention on work safety.
  13. User must take the responsibility for cleaning, tidiness and safety of work place in the laboratory such as turning off the electricity, closing the water tap, turning off the electric fan or blower after working. To avoid unwanted problems, do not use equipments that you do not need.
  14. Do not let other people in or to wait in the laboratory without permission to work .
  15. User can use chemicals in the laboratory as long as the lab staff notices and the user writes the chemical usage on the log book. Then, the cost for chemicals replacement is reported to lab staff when the research ends.
  16. User must actively and continuously work, if you do not conduct any research for 3 months, the research permission will be revoked and the work place will be given to other users.
  17. After completing all experiments in laboratory, user must submit all used equipments to lab staff in good and clean condition, clean the work place, take all unnecessary stuffs from the storage places such as freezer, refrigerator, cupboard, and complete the administration with lab staff of Lab Animal Ecology and Diversity.
  18. If disobeying the rules, user will be given sanction of work permission revolve.
  19. Other not written rules and those rules can be rearranged and reconsidered based on the Head of Laboratory.
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