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23-Jul-2013 admin

Many researches/lecturers of Faculty of Science have conducted hundreds of research that were funded by  RUT, PHB, ITSF, ARMP, DPP/SPPEtc. The researches funded by DPP/SPP tend to support the structure of Pola Ilmiah Pokok (PIP) or main science pattern focusing on the development of village industrialization with the target is to dig the potential industry resources in village and the environmental pollution solution. These researches were managed through monitor and evaluation that are completed well enough through research center named Pusat Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (P3M)

Research achievements that have been awarded to lecturers/researches of Faculty of Science as follow:

Research data of DPP/SPP:

Achievements of research grant conducted by lecturer/researcher at Biology Department, UB as follow:

Research data of DIKTI:

Summary of research data2009-2012 can be downloaded here