Human Aging and Wellness

Research Themes :

Designing, Developing , and Formulating Functional nutrition and cosmetic

Lecturers and researchers in this group

  • Prof. Muhaimin Rifa`i, S.Si., Ph.D.Med.Sc.
  • Prof. Widodo, S.Si.,M.Si.,Ph.D.Med.Sc.
  • Dinia Rizqi Dwijayanti, S.Si., M.Si., D.Sc.

Description & Strategy

Indonesia is estimated to have a peak productive age in 2020; after that, it will enter a stationary demographic followed by aging. As a developing country, public health facilities are felt to be very lacking, especially the fulfillment of good nutrition and medicines. These two factors will accelerate the aging period (premature aging), marked by the prevalence of degenerative diseases in the productive age community. Thus, the availability of cheap nutrition and medicines based on Indonesian local biodiversity is needed to improve the health quality of Indonesian people. On the other hand, some people also feel the impact of national economic growth so that their per capita income also increases. This is indicated by the increasing percentage of the middle-upper society. Moreover, most of these community groups have a good education, so they have sufficient understanding to maintain health. Therefore, the need for healthy nutrition to maintain health and beauty is also increasing. Based on that reason, we formed a research group that aims to design, develop and formulate functional nutrition and cosmetics based on Indonesian biodiversity and stem cell technology