Department of Biology

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


23-Oct-2008 admin


Biology Study Program at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Brawijaya University located in Malang city, East Java, has begun to establish education and teaching to bachelors (S1) since August 1987. The establishment of Biology Study Program was defined in SK (decree) of Directorate General of Higher Education No.22/DIKTI/Kep/1989. BSP has a vision to become a role model department that has Biology education according to the best international standard, a research place to develop modern Biology concept, to have high awareness to conserve biodiversity, and to support applied sciences for the sake of human welfare. The missions of the study program are.

  1. To educate students to become graduates who have a thorough understanding of the concept of modern biology and bio-conservation. Graduates must have good profile/academic achievement, uphold ethics with respect the uphold ethics by respecting right for life and be able to work together in the neighborhood.
  2. To play an important role as pioneer institutions of education and Biology research, which is able to find new knowledge, and actively participate in developing ideas and concepts to support the development of applied sciences.
  3. To serve the education programs and biological expertise to the professional community or laity.
  4. To act as a pioneer in helping to solve biological problems of mankind.