Vision, Mission and Goal


Vision, Mission and goal developed by Biology Department FMIPA (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science) UB commences of concern, awareness and hope to develop tropical natural resource in Indonesia. Biodiversity potential is very high but it has not been fully utilized for the welfare of mankind. In addition, the changes of biosphere and human intervention have led to increasingly rapid rate of species extinction. So, a big challenge for the biologist in the future is to preserve biodiversity and its environment to support the sustainable development.

Referring to UB vision: “Becoming an outstanding world-class university and able to take active parts in the national development through education, research and community service ” and the vision of Faculty of Mathematics and Science: “Becoming a model institution in science and mathematics education with international standards and supports the applied science to improve the human welfareā€¯ as well as the global tendency, so the vision of Bio dept is “Becoming a model department within conducting education of biology according to the best international standards, a place to conduct a research to develop biological modern concept, and having high awareness to preserve biodiversity, and being able to support the development of applied sciences to meet the needs and welfare of human beings “.

According to the vision, the mission of Bio dept is serving the community of East Java, Indonesians and human beings through the best programs:

  1. To educate students to be competent bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees who have a thorough understanding of the modern biology concept (the most advanced concepts at the moment) and bio-conservation. Bachelor students of Biology must have a good profile /academic achievement, uphold ethics by respecting right for life and be able to work together in the neighborhood.
  2. To play an important role as a pioneer educational institution and biological research, which is able to explore and discover new knowledge, and actively participated in developing ideas and concepts to support the development of applied sciences (agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry). Serve the educational program and biological expertise to the professional and lay people. JB-UB graduates are expected to be able to use their knowledge to improve people’s welfare and environmental protection during their life.
  3. To act as a pioneer (having high sensitivity and fast-acting) in helping to solve the biological problems of human.

Based on the vision and mission, goals of Biology department are:

  1. To produce competent bachelor, postgraduates and doctors, to have high academic achievement, and to have the communication skills to compete in the job market both in domestic and abroad.
  2. To create a conducive academic atmosphere to increase creativity and productivity.
  3. To improve the organization, management systems and internal efficiency according to Quality Standards of UB and Quality Standards Department of UB which have been outlined in the Quality Manual (MM), Manual of Procedure (MP) and Work Instructions (CI).
  4. To ensure the sustainability of educational services, laboratory, published research in national and international standards, and community service.
  5. To increase efficiency and productivity of facilities of PBM to improve the quality and to conduct research and community service.
  6. To increase the competence and satisfaction of service to meet local needs for new innovations in the field of biology to improve the lives and human welfare.