Participatory Community Development (KKN) is an activity which represents one of Three Duties of University named Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi to give community service. KKN for students of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has 3 SKS. It is kind of media for students to know, understand and apply their knowledge or skill to community. At Biology Department, KKN is a thematic activity that concerns with issues of natural resource conservation. It is done to reach Biology vision and mission in giving education, understanding and applying knowledge to conduct natural conservation which involves community. Therefore, locations for KNN are chosen those whose high natural diversity with preservation threat such as Sumberbendo forest-Saradan-Madiun, conservation location Rajegwesi-Banyuwangi and Pandansari village-Malang.

Generally, KKN is focused to conduct natural diversity conservation which involves community who have important role in the environmental conservation. The scope of KKN covers education, social-cultural, and conservation. KKN is expected to be able to contribute in human resource improvement so that citizens can manage nature wisely and to become media for natural and human resource exploration by giving skill training. Those skills are expected to be able to improve human welfare in the conservation location and to keep natural resource for future generation. Therefore, KKN is expected to be able to increase the cooperation between Biology Department and local community. Since the theme of KKN is related to conservation, the thematic KKN is called KKN conservation or KKN-K.

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