Referring to the Biology problems in the environment and vision of Biology department (JB-UB), so S-1 Biology Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UB vision is:

“Being a role model ¬†of study program in education S-1 Biology in accordance with best international standards through research and participate in the development of the modern biology concept to conserve the biodiversity and human welfare”.

According to the vision, Biology S-1 has a mission to serve the community of East Java, Indonesians and people through the best programs for:

  1. To implement the undergraduate education to master the concepts of modern biology, to have good academic profile, to uphold ethics and be able to work together in interdisciplinary.
  2. To educate the students to have practical skills, be able to supervise the research and development of biology.
  3. To educate the students to be able to work in teams and to learn independently in developing the knowledge and to solve problems related to biology or multidisciplinary.

Based on the vision and mission, S-1 Biology has goals:

  1. To produce qualified graduates of biology, to be pious to God Almighty and entrepreneurial, so that becoming a professional worker capable to compete at international level.
  2. To develop the concept of modern biology to promote sustainable development.
  3. To have the ability to empower the community through the application of modern biological innovations.