About Reading Room

Reading room of Biology Department was inspired by the idea to collect all book collections of Bio dept in a special room that can be accessed together. During its development, the success of the block grant TPSDP Project funds assigned encourages the reading room is growing. The project of TPSDP allocates some funds for the purchase of books, furniture, increasing of staff resources and other programs. Reading room was officially opened in 2003 located in the Bio dept ground floor. Since the opening of the reading room, the benefits obtained by civitas academica getting greater. The information support to improve the capacity of staff resources, research, public service and the learning process is easily available. Besides TPSDP funding, participation to complete the collection in the reading room came from donations of alumni, lectures, stakeholders, and colleagues overseas.

Today, the development of reading room remains a priority of Bio dept because of the existence of a reading room is an important pillar for learning and teaching, research and public service. Due to IMHERE project is on going, Bio dept still allocate funding for the increase of book collection in the reading room.

To see the books provided by the reading room of JB-UB please click here