About Quality Assurance Unit

Quality assurance system in Department is referred to system in faculty and university which is based on the Academic Document and Quality Document. Academic Document contains with standard and academic target that will be obtained in implementing academic which consist of: Academic Policy, Academic Standard, and Academic Regulation whether at University or faculty.  Quality Assurance was created based on Rector’s decree on February 12, 2005 No. 017A/SK/2005 and it was implemented by faculty based on decree of Quality Assurance at Department No.46/H10.9/SK/2010 about the committee of Quality Assurance at Biology. Development of continuous quality is also a priority. Policy of quality is decided through workshop of quality assurance at Biology Dept (S-1, S-2, S-3) including institutions, system and money implementation of Quality Assurance System. Here, quality target was determined by UB and it was formulated in Academic Standard UB. Quality Target also represents target achievement from Renstra implementation and job program of department and study program.

Quality target was a priority in Tri Dharma of University and was categorized to be 10 quality according to Academic Quality Standard UB. Quality Assurance Unite and MR organize the satisfaction and complaint from stakeholder (Complaint Handling Mechanism) to minimize bad service quality. The result of AIMA in recent two years showed that Biology Dept has achievement >80% and get into category A. In three years, Biology Dept has been awarded UB Annual Quality Award (UBAQA). Biology Dept increase accreditation qualification Post Graduate through system of internal assessor counterpart UB that were determined by Rector of UB.