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    • Lecturer Transfer (academic supervisor) (PDF)
    • Willingness to be a controller (PDF)
    • Willingness to be¬†Senate member (PDF)
    • CV Form for lecturer (PDF)
    • Appeal for teaching lecturer (PDF)
    • Lab. facility use (PDF)
  • Undergraduate S-1
    • Registration for KKN (PDF)
    • Seminar Form (PDF)
  • Master Program S-2
    • Form for list of Master New Student (PDF)
    • Form for Thesis Supervisor Proposal (PDF)
    • Form for Proposal Examination (PDF)
    • Form for SHP Examination (PDF)
    • Form for Thesis Examination (PDF)
  • Doctoral Program S-3
    • Form of pre-proposal score S3 (PDF)
    • Form of Qualification Exam Notes S3 (PDF)
    • Qualification Exam Evaluation S3 (PDF)
    • Proposal Exam Form (PDF)
    • Form for New Student Admission S-3 (PDF)
  • Filling KRS (PDF)
  • Letter of Non-Dependent Laboratory (PDF)