Department of Biology

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


28-May-2011 admin

Documents of Biology Department Quality

  1. Visions and Missions of Biology Department (PDF)
  2. Renstra of Biology Dept (PDF)
  3. Work Program at Biology Dept (PDF)
  4. Structure of Organization at Biology Dept (PDF)
  5. Personnels of Tupoksi at Biology Dept (PDF)
  6. Quality Manual (PDF)
  7. Final Project Quality Assurance Procedure Manual (PDF)
  8. Carier Manual Guide (PDF)
  9. Thesis Writing Guidelines (PDF)

Standard Operating Procedure

  1. MP for management of Document & Record Biology Dept (PDF)
  2. MP for control of improper Product Bio Dept (PDF)
  3. MP for Correction and prevention Bio Dept (PDF)
  4. MP for Internal Audit (PDF)
  5. MP for Quality Assurance of Thesis (PDF)
  6. Standard Operating Procedure of TKPS (PDF)
  7. Standard Operating Procedure of PKL(PDF)
  8. Standard Operating Procedure of Cleanliness and maintenance at Work Area (PDF)