Department of Biology

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Doctoral Program -S3

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  1. Dissertation Plant Draft and Promoter Team

Procedure Manual

  1. SOP of Qualification Exam (PDF)
  2. Form of Qualification Exam Paper (PDF)
  3. PM of  Dissertation Pre-Proposal Seminar (PDF)
  4. SOP of Proposal Seminar (PDF)
  5. PM of Research finding Seminar for Dissertation (SHPD) (PDF)
  7. PM of New Student Admission (PDF)

Formulir Pelaksanaan Ujian Disertasi

  1. Pra-proposal 123 Dissertation (download)
  2. Qualification of Doctoral Program (download)
  3. Dissertation Proposal (download)
  4. Research Seminar of Dissertation (download)
  5. Appropriateness 1 (download)
  6. Appropriateness 2 Seminar and Publication(download)
  7. Appropriateness 3 Research (download)
  8. Appropriateness 4 Script Version 1 (download)
  9. Appropriateness 4 Script Version 2 (download)
  10. Final Exam of Dissertation (download)